11:11 — The Universe is Listening

My Story is Far too Intense to Indicate - Josh H - Florida

My story is far to intense to indicate. However, I will say that on November 19th 2021. I had an experience of my life. I’ve recently lost my mom back in March. I haven’t taken it well. I can only say that I have dozens of photos of angelic beings during my encounter in that night.

They appeared in beautiful forms in my photos I observed “Clear as day” bright blue orbs appearing to me in different forms and shapes. (I have many pictures of these orbs in many forms and they are bright blue and a few white ones.) the main thing in my pictures I observed was many different faces and almost human like forms staring from afar in my pictures. Some had what it appeared to look like 6 or 7 wings with a EXTREMELY bright presence. Some had a couple wings, some where flying in the sky and some were hovering over houses

That were near me in what appeared to be looking in my direction. Most that I have pictures of appear to be bright blue some of them look small and some of them are as large as a tree. Some of them are vivid and clear and I have some that show masculinity and a halo in 1 occurrence. These are the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. They showed me shapes and as weird as it sounds in most of my pictures the clouds look as if they are changing forms and the color is much more blue than the regular sky. The orbs that I mentioned look like shapes as well as numbers in my pictures.

I only wish to share my story “All of it” to those that have endured a loss of a mother or parent. Or a loss of family in general. I’ve lost 5 family members this year. The most ever. I pray that someone going through difficult times has the chance to endure an expierence like the one I encountered. I’ve never felt anything like this before.

-Joshua H. (largo,Fl)