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I Saw this Angel Flying Back and Forth - Victoria G

It's been 15 yrs now since I saw this angel flying back and forth in a straight line from one end of the ceiling to the other and it was flying for a good 5 mins back and forth it was ultraviolet light colour I carnt explain it but as the same sort of light you would find in a sunbed light. And it was just a pair of wings no body no legs as tho a segul size bird was flying very fast asif it was attached to an invisible line

I was absolutely in shock that the angel looked like that and I watched this with my own eyes and my daughter who at the time was 5yrs old who watched this on the ceiling above us and I was living in a very haunted house at the time and alot of activity went on and I believe that all my life ever since I can rember I have seen or experienced biblical things I've always seen something in my life that would shock and amaze people but things I have captured as evidence my fone would all of a sudden stop working I truly did capture some weird but true photos I no longer have these as mu phones have broken as if they don't want anyone to see these pictures apart from the bird like angel

I did also capture on my phone at the time a full white body figure as if wings were folded into together tucked away but the angel walking threw my wall had all white and a hood didn't see any face but very long wings down to the floor I am very aware of angels and they saved my life guided Me into better situations better way of living love them so great full to them .

Victoria G.