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Collection of Angel Encounters and Sightings Part 1

By Phylameana lila Desy
Updated on June 05, 2018

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Has an angel appeared before your eyes or made its presence known to you in some other way? Here is a collection of stories shared by people who have had angel sightings, angel experiences, dreams, and memories. Some of these amazing stories may make a skeptical person think twice.

Archangel Michael Visitation

I was giving a new client a reiki treatment. My hands were focused on her body as were my eyes. I felt a presence in the room.

When I lifted up my head I saw an angel step through the wall into the room. He was so very tall that he had to stoop so as not to bump his head on the ceiling. My first thought was this must be the Archangel Michael because I had been told once that the archangels are tall. I don't know why I thought it was Michael, I was just sure it was.

I wasn't sure that I should tell my client about the angel visitation, so I kept quiet. Before the session was over the woman asked if I ever sensed angels. I quietly answered, "Yes," as I continued to look over at the beautiful being of light that was sending enormous amounts of love and caring into the room. She then told me that she had always felt a strong connection to the Archangel Michael. So, I told her he was in the room. It was an amazing experience! —Paula

A Blanket From an Angel

My baby was in the hospital having a 4-hour surgery. My estranged husband was not present. At this time, our marriage was crumbling. But even worse, I was afraid for my baby's life. When I arrived in the waiting room an older lady was sitting there working on a quilt with words from the "Serenity Prayer" on it. It said, "God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference."

She asked me if the little baby boy is mine and when I confirmed, she took my hand and said a prayer with me. I asked who is she is making the quilt for and she replied that God will show her who will need it. Hours later I was called into the recovery room and my baby son was fine. When I came outside the lady gave me the quilt and told me she now knows who she has been making it for. I have kept it in her honor and my now-5-year-old son is sleeping in his bed covered by it.—Alexandra Maria

Angel Force

I was headed home to my children driving in the slow lane. The next thing I knew I was flying in the air in my Ford Windstar. I had no control. When my van landed, it looked like a crane put it there. It was in the ditch perfectly. I had little room to get out. I felt like some force had lifted me up out the ditch. I then saw this man who was so calm. He put a calmness in my heart. I never saw him again. I still can't explain how perfectly my van was in the ditch.—Momma

My Son and His Angel

In my home, we are not religious by any means. One night I was putting my son to bed and he started telling me that the night before, Jesus brought an angel to him because he was scared. He said, "She was so beautiful and her wings were so big they almost touched my walls."

He said she sang to him and laid with him until he fell asleep. He then said Jesus came back to get her, and he brought her back to a door with him where they started to sparkle and then went through the door. Ever since my son has been obsessed with Jesus and angels. He prays to an angel often and prays for Jesus to come back.

The other day he was crying because he said he keeps praying but he doesn't think Jesus can hear him. He said that he keeps praying for him to come back because they make him feel so happy. I acknowledge what he says but I don't push it. I just let him talk about it when he needs to. Not sure what I should do, he gets genuinely sad when he thinks Jesus can't hear him. He is only 4 years old.—Mj_Douce

My Healing Angel

When I was very young, maybe 8 or 9, I went to bed one night with a severe earache. I woke my mother up several times for comfort but nothing made it better. I laid in bed with tears in my eyes and then suddenly the pain stopped. I opened my eyes and saw something like a cloud hovering over me. I was amazed but more so relieved. I knew what it was. I soon after fell asleep in peace.—M

Angels Are Among Us

My 15-year-old grandson and I were putting up garage sale signs several blocks down the street. When I got back in the car to head back home I looked at Dawson, my grandson, he was looking out straight ahead and asked if he could stay the night. No sooner than he asked the question, while driving, in a flash of an eye, I saw huge white angel wings encompass my windshield. At that very second, Dawson shouted, "Grandma, did you see that"? I said,"Yes, I saw huge angel wings covering my windshield." He said, "No, Grandma, I saw a ball of fire."

We were both shocked to have seen two different things. We are strong believers and have experienced many miracles but who is ready for something like this. No trees fell, no storm, why were there angel wings in front of me covering my side of the windshield? And, a fireball flash for him? We cannot understand this. But, awesome! I could actually see the inner wing with all its brilliance and feathers. It was huge! And, it was gone as fast as it came.—Dlapaust