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But in My Dream. I Was Upset About Something - Jill P, Miami

My dream that I had . I was in a bedroom . It was a big window . Not a very big room. It reminded me of a cozy country bedroom.

But in my dream. I was upset about something . I'm not remembering why I was upset but in my dream a angel appeared and it was special be ause this angel in my dream the wings were spread out a little and this angel let me study her wings and just stared at it. It was very detailed. The angel sat there beside me didn't speak just sat there beside me.

Then this house I was in my kids came in and I was so excited that I was seeing a angel and left the room to tell them and I came back and the angel was gone .

I woke up and said why did you have to leave the room. Why didn't you just stay there . What if there was a message that I was sopose to hear. But that was the most comforting dream. Especially seeing the wings. In my dream I was in disabelief that it was happening. I studied every detail of the wings. It was really neat.

Jill P. - Miami